Rules And Restrictions

Rules and Restrictions

  1. Payment is due on the 1st of each month. All payments must be made on/or before the 5th of each month.
  2. Students must provide valid credit/debit card information to BBTA, any student who falls behind in payment may be dropped from the class.
  3. Make-up classes are allowed within the same month with a $10 processing fee.
  4. There will be no pro-rating for any student from January through November; July, August, and December will be an exception. Students who participate in tournaments are still responsible for a full month of tuition.
  5. Students who participate in tournaments are still responsible for a full month of tuition; extra travel expenses may apply.
  6. Students should check in on the Sign-In sheet at the Front Desk upon arrival for class. Students who are late will have to jog 30 minutes before joining the class. Student discipline is strictly enforced.
  7. All Students MUST WEAR a proper BBC Uniform during their class.
  8. Classes will not be held on Major Holidays.
  9. If there are two or fewer students enrolled in the class, BBTA holds the right to cancel the class or cut it to a 1-hour class.
  10. Students who want to join the Special Class must attend class 3x a week in either the advanced or elite classes to qualify.
  11. For any BWF or US Ranking Tournaments, Sponsored and International Competition players are required to partner with a player from their respective club while participating in Doubles and Mixed Doubles Events.

Coaching During Class

  1. Please advise coaching staff in advance should your child need to leave the training session early.
  2. Please do not interfere with the coaching staff during training.