Coaching During Tournaments

(Updated as of March 2023)

  1. BBTA will send our main coaching team to most, if not all, local tournaments, plus the major tournaments(ie. JIT, Junior National). Full tuition is still required during tournament months per BBTA’s regular fee schedule. For all local tournaments, the coaching fee is capped at $75/player. For tournaments outside of the Bay Area, but within California, the coaching fee is capped at $150/player. For any out-of-state, within U.S. tournaments, the coaching fee is capped at $250/player.  This fee is calculated by BBTA based upon the total expense for coaches and is not included in the monthly tuition. Should the coaching fee exceed the cap for any tournaments, BBC will pay for the remaining expenses. The coaching fee is mandatory.
  2. Should the major junior tournament be hosted locally, there will not be a charge for coaches’ travel expenses. There will still, however, be the Coaching Fee.
  3. Every BBTA student is important to us, no matter what level the child is in. BBTA will coach each child as we see fit. Parents should not interfere with BBTA’s tournament coaching arrangement during the tournament. Please bring any concerns up only after the tournament has concluded.
  4. In a Singles match event, BBTA will not be coaching the game if both players represent BBTA. This is also a good time to train our players for independent tournament play.
  5. In a Doubles or Mixed match event, BBTA will be coaching the team with two BBTA players should the game involve three BBTA students.
  6. For players who partner with a player from another club, the Coach will only coach those matches in the Semifinal and Final rounds if the Coach is available during that time period.
  7. BBTA Coaches will focus on the main draw first before any consolation games. Coaches will use their best judgment to arrange tournament coaching based on the needs of the players.
  8. Parents must not interrupt the coach during a tournament game. Any questions/concerns should be brought up with the coach before/after the match.
  9. Player uniforms representing the club are required to be worn during any tournament event. Any player who does not wear a uniform representing the club may not be coached at the event.