Bay Badminton Training Academy, is a non-profit organization whose main focus is to facilitate youth participation in sports as a way to promote good health, sportsmanship, team building, confidence, focus, and peer socialization skills.

Bay Badminton Training Academy was formed in 2010 with the notion of expanding the athletic horizons of San Francisco Bay Area’s youth. We recognize the importance of organized athletics in the development of our children, not only from the physical standpoint, but in both mental and social aspects of life as well. Badminton is a complex sport that requires proper footwork, agility, strength, stamina and strategy that spans all ages and capabilities. We recruit the best coaches from around the worlds and we have an effective curriculum that works wonders for aspiring youths, world-class champions and swashbuckling seniors. We work with local schools and recreation centers to highlight badminton as a medium to a well-balanced life.

It is during these structured athletic events that children can learn the importance of life skills such as teamwork, discipline and dealing with winning and losing. Utilizing the athletic oriented format to convey these principles makes for an educational, interesting and attention holding experience for those involved.

We work to improve the lives and give hope to underprivileged children through a variety of programs designed to engage these children in organized sports and education through sports. Sports promote health and exercise, provide important life lessons in such things as goal setting, hard work, fair play and teamwork and give us a safe arena to experience the thrills and challenges of competition.

We offer sports related community service programs to America’s youth to increase their global awareness and compassion while providing the gift of sports to disadvantaged children around the world. Through this effort, we seek to instill in our youth a better understanding of the world and lifelong commitment to and passion for community service.