2013 USA Badminton Junior Nationals

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the results from the 2013 USA Badminton Junior Nationals:

XD U9:
Alex Sin and Kyra Li                         1st
Jerry Yuan and partner                   2nd
Kaitlyn Wang and partner               3rd

BS U9:
Thompson Ma                                    2nd

BD U9:
Thompson Ma and partner              1st

GS U9:
Kaitlyn Wang                                      5th

GD U9:
Kyra Li and Kaitlyn Wang                1st

XD U11:
Lauren Lam and partner                  1st
Brandon Xu and Yuqing Qiu             2nd
Joshua Yuan and partner                  3rd

BS U11:
Joshua Yuan                                       2nd
Brandon Xu                                        3rd

bd U11:
Brandon Xu and Joshua Yuan         1st
Edison Ma and partner                    4th

GS U11:
Lauren Lam                                        1st
Yuqing Qiu                                          5th

GD U11:
Yuqing Qiu and partner                     1st
Lauren Lam and partner                   3rd
Allison Hwang and Kristine Ngo       5th

XD U13:
Eric Chang and partner                      1st
Helen Ye and partner                         3rd

BD U13:
Eric Chang and partner.                     2nd
Dean Tan and Joseph Zhang             3rd
Derek Tan and Trevor Tan               4th
Emerson Chao and partner               5th

GS U13:
Helen Ye                                               2nd

GD U13:
Helen Ye and partner                         1st
Maggie Li                                              4th

XD U15:
Cindy Yuan and partner                     5th

BS U15:
Eric Jiang                                              4th

BD U15:
Eric Jiang and partner                        1st
Cadmus Yeo                                         3rd

GS U15:
Cindy Yuan                                          3rd

GD U15:
Cindy Yuan and partner                    2nd
Danice Long and partner                   5th

XD U17:
Annie Xu and partner                        2nd
Kerry Xu and Anthony Chu              5th

BD U17:
Mason Jiang and Anthony Chu         4th

GD U17:
Sarah Chang and partner                  4th

XD U19:
William Cheung and partner             4th

BS U19:
William Cheung                                   5th

BD U19:
William Cheung and partner             2nd

GS U19:
Kerry Xu                                              4th

GD U19:
Annie Xu and Kerry Xu                     5th

10 1st Place
9 2nd Place
8 3rd Place
8 4th Place
9 5th Place

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