2013 Junior International Trials Results

Here are the results for the Junior International Trials (JIT) at LABC for our BBTA students:

XD U11
Joshua Yuan/Claire Chen           1st place
Brandon Xu/Lauren Lam           3rd place

BS U11
Brandon Xu                                   2nd place
Joshua Yuan                                 3rd place

BD U11
Brandon Xu/Joshua Yuan          1st place

GS U11
Lauren Lam                                  3rd place

GD U11
Lauren Lam/Evelyn Zeng          3rd place

XD U13
Clayton Cayen/Helen Ye            1st place
Eric Chang/ Karina Chan           3rd place
Derek Tan/ Julie Yang               5/8th place

BS U13
Eric Chang                                   3rd place
Kenneth Tan                               4th place
Trevor Tan                                 5/8th place
Derek Tan                                   5/8th place

BD U13
Derek Tan/Trevor Tan             3rd place
Eric Chang/ Joseph Zhang        4th place
Emerson Chao/Timothy Shee  5/8th place
Jonathan Lai/Kenneth Tan       5/8th place

GS U13
Helen Ye                                       2nd place
Katelin Ngo                                  5/8th place

GD U13
Jennie Gai/Helen Ye                  1st place

XD U15
Cadmus Yeo/Annie Xu             1st place
Ethan Low/Cindy Yuan            3rd place
Eric Jiang/April Gong               4th place
Ambrose So/Danice Long         5/8th place

BS U15
Eric Jiang                                    3rd place
Cadmus Yeo                               4th place

BD U15
Andre Wang/Cadmus Yeo       1st place

GS U15
Annie Xu                                     1st place
Kerry Xu                                    2nd place
Cindy Yuan                                5/8th place
Danice Long                               5/8th place

GD U15
Annie Xu/Kerry Xu                  1st place
Cindy Yuan/ Michelle Zhang   2nd place

XD U17
Anthony Chu/Kerry Xu           5/8th place

BS U17
Albert Li                                     2nd place
Mason Jiang                               5/8th place

BD U17
Raymond Hsia/Albert Li          2nd place
Eric Cheung/Vinson Chiu         4th place
Anthony Chu/Mason Jiang      5/8th place
Victor Wong/Steven Yang       5/8th place

XD U19
William Cheung/Jenny Jin       5/8th place

BS U19
William Cheung                          2nd place

BD U19
William Cheung/Kenneth Hui  2nd place

1st place: 8
2nd place: 8
3rd/4th place: 14
5/8th place: 14


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