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Badminton Summer Camp 2019 (Introductory / Beginner Level)

Introductory / Beginner level (ages 6 – 18)


Are you ready for some badminton this summer? Badminton camp is a fun and great way to introduce badminton to your children.

Badminton is promotes good health, sportsmanship, team building, confidence, focus, and peer socialization skills. Our goal is to nurture each and every player with the skill they need to succeed, both on and off the court. We offer a five-day(Monday-Friday) camp session designed to keep badminton players of all level experience active during summer break.

Coaching emphasis will include all basic rules, footwork, agility, strokes, and essential fundamentals of badminton. This camp will prepare students for more competitive level of training, or even to prepare for their own school’s competitive badminton team. All participants are recommended to bring their own racquet, if they have their own already.


06/10 – 06/141:30PM – 4:00PM 
06/17 – 06/211:30PM – 4:00PM
06/24 – 06/281:30PM – 4:00PM 
07/01 – 07/05*1:30PM – 4:00PM
07/08 – 07/121:30PM – 4:00PM 
07/15 – 07/191:30PM – 4:00PM 
07/22 – 07/261:30PM – 4:00PM 
07/29 – 08/021:30PM – 4:00PM 
08/05 – 08/091:30PM – 4:00PM 
08/12 – 08/161:30PM – 4:00PM 


  • There will be no session on July 4th holiday. Camp price for July 4 week will be prorated per holiday.
  • 10% Sibling discount will be applied to siblings registering together.


PER WEEK $     220.00
1-DAY DROP-IN  $       50.00



Hope to see your kids in our exciting 2019 Summer Camp!

Congratulations to Medal Winners at UBC and Midwest Championships

BBC would like to congratulate all of the students who achieved 1st to 3rd place at UBC Open Local Championships and Midwest Open Regional Championships on this past weekend. For all students who didn’t receive medals this time, please continue to work hard and train continuously to achieve better results in the next tournament!
Also, a special thanks to all coaches for helping our students achieve their best performance.
UBC Open Local Championship (May 26-28, 2018)
No Name Age Category Event Title
Anderson Lin
U13 Boys Singles
U13 Boys Doubles
U13 Mixed Doubles
Orlando Himawan
U13 Boys Doubles
U13 Boys Single
3 Jun Heng Lai U13 Boys Doubles
4 Ashton Lee U15 Boys Single
5 William Wang U15 Boys Doubles
6 Kristine Ngo U15 Girls Doubles
Ethan Lee
U17 Mixed Doubles
U17 Boys Single
U17 Boys Doubles
Audrey Zhu
U17 Mixed Doubles
U17 Girls Doubles


SPBA Midwest Open Regional Championships (May 26-28th, 2018)
No Name Age Category Event Title
Suneri Chinthalapati
U11 Girls Singles
U11 Girls Doubles
Go BBC!!

BBTA Food Drive Results

We generated $1220.00 from our BBTA Food Drive!  All of the proceeds will be used directly for our Junior Nationals Coaching Expenses this July 2012.  Our heartfelt thanks goes to the following:

Wai Ling Eng and McDonalds

Hilary and Larrisa Lai

Cadmus and Euginia Yeo

Sophia and Emerson Chao

Anthony and Alison Chu

Mason and Eric Jiang

Annie and Kerry Xu

Dean Tan

Sarah and Lisa Chang

Christopher Wong

Isabelle and Marc Rusli

Richard Chen

Hoi Ki and Nga Pui Leung


If we missed anyone, please let us know immediately.

Congratulations, BBTA!

Quiet after the storm

The 2012 Junior Super Regional Tournament was a great success!  Here are results (thank you, Coach Chandra):

1st place: 7 
2nd place: 11
3rd place: 4
4th place: 9 

U9 wd : final : gabby/gracia: 2nd
U9 mx: semi : kaitlyn wang: 4th
U9 gs : semi: gabby: 4th

U11 ms: final: Matthias, 1st
Semi : Trevor, 4th
U11 ws: semi: Maggie Li, 4th
U11 mx: final: Derek/Maggie: 2nd
Semi: Trevor/Karina: 3rd

U11 md: final: Derek/justin wang: 2nd
Semi: Matthias/Trevor: 3rd
U11 wd: final: Maggie/Sasha, 1st

U13 ws: final: Cindy yuan, 1st
U13 bd: final: Eric/ joey, 2nd
semi: emerson/ Calvin: 4th
U13 wd: final: Cindy/michelle, 2nd

U15 bs: semi: Cadmus, 4th
U15 gs: Final: Annie: 1st
final: Xerry: 2nd
U15 bd: final: Cadmus/andrew, 2nd
final: Anthony/Mason, 1st
semi: Eric/Richard, 3rd
U15 xd: semi: Richard/Xerry:2nd
U15 gd: Final: Annie/Xerry: 1st

U17 bs; final: Albert Li, 2nd
U17 gs: semi: Jenny Lu, 4thth
U17 bd: final: Albert Li/Raymond Shia: 2nd
semi: Eric Cheung/ Calvin DaI: 4th
U17 gd: semi: Nga pui/ Euginia Yeo: 4th

U19 xd: final: Derek Chao/Danae long: 2nd
semi: Tim Yue/ Lisa Chang: 3rd
U19 gd: final: Danae/Lisa: 1st

There are 2082 pictures for me to process and only a few will be printed and posted.  So, please be patient.  If you want a copy of a picture in its original size/resolution, please email your request to