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2021 Summer Camp is Now Open For Registration

To register for the summer camp program, please click the following location and camp classes. 

1. Introduction/First timer (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

2. Beginners (South San Francisco) – CLICK HERE

3. Beginners (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

4. Intermediate (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

5. Intermediate Competition (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

5. Advance (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

6. High School JV & Varsity (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

7. Elite (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

If you have any questions or not sure which level to register for, please email Chandra (

2020 Summer Camp (Introduction – Elite Level)

Are you ready for some badminton this summer?

We understand everyone is eager to resume playing badminton again on the courts! At this time, we are only permitted to resume training lessons. BBC will effectively resume Training lessons and Summer Camp starting 06/15. Unfortunately, there will be no open gym yet until further notice.

In order for us to resume our Training Academy and begin our Summer Camps, we must ensure that all federal and local safety guidelines are met in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. With that, there will be some important adjustments made to the structure of the training program. For everyone’s safety and well-being, we ask that everyone please follow the safety guidelines and social distancing protocols necessary.

Here are some of the main local and federal social distancing guidelines required:

1. Drop-off and pick-up

  • We ask parents to please drop-off your child(ren) at the entrance at least 10 minutes before the lesson. 
  • During the lesson/camp we ask parents to please either wait outside the facility in their cars or leave and come back when it is time to pick up your child(ren).
  • Face masks are mandatory in order to enter the facility and must be kept on at all times when not playing on the court.
  • At this time, there will be no spectators allowed inside the facility.

2.  Entering the facility

  • When entering the building, please wear a non-medical face covering your nose and mouth at all times except when playing on a court.
  • Please read through our safety protocol guideline signs that is posted at the front desk and inside the gym
  • You will get your temperature checked screening by a staff member and Hand sanitizer at the front desk while checking in. (you may also wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds before heading to a court.)

3. Inside the Facility

  • When entering the gym, students are required to follow social distancing guidelines of at least 6 ft distance between each person(when not playing on court) and keeping good hygiene on and off the court.
  • Social distancing and hygiene signs are available at the Front Lobby & inside the gym.
  • Put your bag and personal belongings on the designation area (use tape or other markings to maintain distance.
  • Our bathrooms will remain open, but unfortunately our showers will not be open during this time.

4. On the court

  • Take off your mask when entering the training court.
  • Once playing on a court, please refrain from physical contact by putting 6 feet apart yourself and others.
  • Put on your mask when you get off the court / go to restroom / leaving the facility

5. Leaving the facility 

  • At this moment, students are not allowed to overstay / hang out after each training session.
  • Before leaving the facility, you must wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds before heading out the facility using the exit door. 
  • Parents may pick up their child(ren) at the entrance or in the parking area. 

6. Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting 

  • After each training session, we will empty the facility to perform cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the common area such as; floor, seating area, door handle, bathroom sink, toilet, ect.
  • Last but not least, the facility will be clean and sanitized daily to further reduce the spread of COVID-19.


To register for the summer camp program, please click the following location and camp classes. 

1. Beginner Introduction / First timer (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

2. BBTA Beginner (South San Francisco) – CLICK HERE

3. BBTA Beginner (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

4. BBTA Intermediate (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

5. BBTA Advanced (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

6. BBTA High School JV & V (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

7. BBTA Elite (Milpitas) – CLICK HERE

Please also watch BBC Safety Protocol Guidelines Video below.

Hope to see your kids in our exciting 2020 Summer Camp!

2013 USA Badminton Junior Nationals Pictures

2013 Junior Nationals Team

And now, here are some pictures from the tournament.

Special thanks goes to Mr. John Chu for sharing his photos with BBTA.

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding these pictures, you can email me at  Enjoy.

2013 USA Badminton Junior Nationals

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the results from the 2013 USA Badminton Junior Nationals:

XD U9:
Alex Sin and Kyra Li                         1st
Jerry Yuan and partner                   2nd
Kaitlyn Wang and partner               3rd

BS U9:
Thompson Ma                                    2nd

BD U9:
Thompson Ma and partner              1st

GS U9:
Kaitlyn Wang                                      5th

GD U9:
Kyra Li and Kaitlyn Wang                1st

XD U11:
Lauren Lam and partner                  1st
Brandon Xu and Yuqing Qiu             2nd
Joshua Yuan and partner                  3rd

BS U11:
Joshua Yuan                                       2nd
Brandon Xu                                        3rd

bd U11:
Brandon Xu and Joshua Yuan         1st
Edison Ma and partner                    4th

GS U11:
Lauren Lam                                        1st
Yuqing Qiu                                          5th

GD U11:
Yuqing Qiu and partner                     1st
Lauren Lam and partner                   3rd
Allison Hwang and Kristine Ngo       5th

XD U13:
Eric Chang and partner                      1st
Helen Ye and partner                         3rd

BD U13:
Eric Chang and partner.                     2nd
Dean Tan and Joseph Zhang             3rd
Derek Tan and Trevor Tan               4th
Emerson Chao and partner               5th

GS U13:
Helen Ye                                               2nd

GD U13:
Helen Ye and partner                         1st
Maggie Li                                              4th

XD U15:
Cindy Yuan and partner                     5th

BS U15:
Eric Jiang                                              4th

BD U15:
Eric Jiang and partner                        1st
Cadmus Yeo                                         3rd

GS U15:
Cindy Yuan                                          3rd

GD U15:
Cindy Yuan and partner                    2nd
Danice Long and partner                   5th

XD U17:
Annie Xu and partner                        2nd
Kerry Xu and Anthony Chu              5th

BD U17:
Mason Jiang and Anthony Chu         4th

GD U17:
Sarah Chang and partner                  4th

XD U19:
William Cheung and partner             4th

BS U19:
William Cheung                                   5th

BD U19:
William Cheung and partner             2nd

GS U19:
Kerry Xu                                              4th

GD U19:
Annie Xu and Kerry Xu                     5th

10 1st Place
9 2nd Place
8 3rd Place
8 4th Place
9 5th Place

Congratulations, BBTA!

Quiet after the storm

The 2012 Junior Super Regional Tournament was a great success!  Here are results (thank you, Coach Chandra):

1st place: 7 
2nd place: 11
3rd place: 4
4th place: 9 

U9 wd : final : gabby/gracia: 2nd
U9 mx: semi : kaitlyn wang: 4th
U9 gs : semi: gabby: 4th

U11 ms: final: Matthias, 1st
Semi : Trevor, 4th
U11 ws: semi: Maggie Li, 4th
U11 mx: final: Derek/Maggie: 2nd
Semi: Trevor/Karina: 3rd

U11 md: final: Derek/justin wang: 2nd
Semi: Matthias/Trevor: 3rd
U11 wd: final: Maggie/Sasha, 1st

U13 ws: final: Cindy yuan, 1st
U13 bd: final: Eric/ joey, 2nd
semi: emerson/ Calvin: 4th
U13 wd: final: Cindy/michelle, 2nd

U15 bs: semi: Cadmus, 4th
U15 gs: Final: Annie: 1st
final: Xerry: 2nd
U15 bd: final: Cadmus/andrew, 2nd
final: Anthony/Mason, 1st
semi: Eric/Richard, 3rd
U15 xd: semi: Richard/Xerry:2nd
U15 gd: Final: Annie/Xerry: 1st

U17 bs; final: Albert Li, 2nd
U17 gs: semi: Jenny Lu, 4thth
U17 bd: final: Albert Li/Raymond Shia: 2nd
semi: Eric Cheung/ Calvin DaI: 4th
U17 gd: semi: Nga pui/ Euginia Yeo: 4th

U19 xd: final: Derek Chao/Danae long: 2nd
semi: Tim Yue/ Lisa Chang: 3rd
U19 gd: final: Danae/Lisa: 1st

There are 2082 pictures for me to process and only a few will be printed and posted.  So, please be patient.  If you want a copy of a picture in its original size/resolution, please email your request to