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2013 Summer Camp

CAMP PRICE for Morning Session or Afternoon Session


$130 for Morning or Afternoon Session
CAMP PRICE for BOTH Morning & Afternoon Session
$240 for Morning and Afternoon Session
If registering for both morning and afternoon session please remember to bring a packed lunch.
MORNING SESSION- Offered Only in Burlingame  (10:00 am – 12:30 pm)
AFTERNOON SESSION (1:30 pm – 4:00 pm)
M-F 6/17-6/21
M-F 6/24-6/28
M-F 7/1-7/5
M-F 7/8-7/12
M-F 7/15-7/19
M-F 7/22-7/26
M-F 7/29-8/2
M-F 8/5-8/9
M-F 8/12-8/16
M-F 8/19-8/23
Please note that Milpitas will only be offering afternoon session.

2013 Junior International Trials Results

Here are the results for the Junior International Trials (JIT) at LABC for our BBTA students:

XD U11
Joshua Yuan/Claire Chen           1st place
Brandon Xu/Lauren Lam           3rd place

BS U11
Brandon Xu                                   2nd place
Joshua Yuan                                 3rd place

BD U11
Brandon Xu/Joshua Yuan          1st place

GS U11
Lauren Lam                                  3rd place

GD U11
Lauren Lam/Evelyn Zeng          3rd place

XD U13
Clayton Cayen/Helen Ye            1st place
Eric Chang/ Karina Chan           3rd place
Derek Tan/ Julie Yang               5/8th place

BS U13
Eric Chang                                   3rd place
Kenneth Tan                               4th place
Trevor Tan                                 5/8th place
Derek Tan                                   5/8th place

BD U13
Derek Tan/Trevor Tan             3rd place
Eric Chang/ Joseph Zhang        4th place
Emerson Chao/Timothy Shee  5/8th place
Jonathan Lai/Kenneth Tan       5/8th place

GS U13
Helen Ye                                       2nd place
Katelin Ngo                                  5/8th place

GD U13
Jennie Gai/Helen Ye                  1st place

XD U15
Cadmus Yeo/Annie Xu             1st place
Ethan Low/Cindy Yuan            3rd place
Eric Jiang/April Gong               4th place
Ambrose So/Danice Long         5/8th place

BS U15
Eric Jiang                                    3rd place
Cadmus Yeo                               4th place

BD U15
Andre Wang/Cadmus Yeo       1st place

GS U15
Annie Xu                                     1st place
Kerry Xu                                    2nd place
Cindy Yuan                                5/8th place
Danice Long                               5/8th place

GD U15
Annie Xu/Kerry Xu                  1st place
Cindy Yuan/ Michelle Zhang   2nd place

XD U17
Anthony Chu/Kerry Xu           5/8th place

BS U17
Albert Li                                     2nd place
Mason Jiang                               5/8th place

BD U17
Raymond Hsia/Albert Li          2nd place
Eric Cheung/Vinson Chiu         4th place
Anthony Chu/Mason Jiang      5/8th place
Victor Wong/Steven Yang       5/8th place

XD U19
William Cheung/Jenny Jin       5/8th place

BS U19
William Cheung                          2nd place

BD U19
William Cheung/Kenneth Hui  2nd place

1st place: 8
2nd place: 8
3rd/4th place: 14
5/8th place: 14


2012 NorCal Regional Tournament Academy Winners

Congratulations, Athletes!

Albert Li – BSU17 Silver, XDU19 Bronze

Annie Xu – GSU15 Bronze, GDU17 GOLD, XDU19 Bronze

Anthony Chu – BSU15 Bronze, BDU15 Silver

Brandon Xu – BSU11 Bronze, XDU11 Silver, BDU11 Bronze

Cadmus Yeo – BDU15 Bronze

Cindy Yuan – GSU13 GOLD, XDU13 GOLD, GDU15 Silver

Danae Long – GDU19 Bronze

Danice Long – XDU15 Bronze, GDU19 Bronze

Derek Tan – BSU11 Bronze, XDU11 GOLD, BDU11 GOLD

Eric Chang – BDU13 Bronze

Eric Cheung – BDU17 Silver

Eric Jiang – XDU15 Bronze, BDU115 Bronze

Helen Ye – GSU13 Bronze, GDU13 GOLD

Joseph Zhang – BDU13 Bronze

Joshua Yuan – BSU11 Silver, BDU11 Bronze

Kaitlyn Wang – GSU9 Silver, XDU9 Silver, GDU9 Silver

Katelin Ngo – GSU11 Bronze, XDU11 Bronze, GDU11 Bronze

Kenneth Tan – BDU13 Bronze


Kristine Ngo – GSU9 Bronze, XDU9 Bronze, GDU9 Silver

Kyra Li – GSU9 Bronze

Lauren Lam – GDU11 Bronze

Maggie Li – GSU11 Bronze, XDU11 GOLD, GDU11 Silver

Mason Jiang – XDU15 Bronze, BDU15 Silver

Nga Pui Leung – XDU17 Bronze, GDU17 Bronze

Patrick Tsai – XDU17 Bronze, BDU19 Bronze

Richerd Chen – BDU15 Bronze

Sarah Chang – XDU15 Bronze, GDU17 Bronze

Trevor Tan – BDU11 GOLD

William W Cheung – BSU19 Bronze, XDU19 Silver, BDU19 GOLD

Winston Tsai – BSU11 Bronze, BDU11 Bronze

Yuqing Qiu – XDU11 Silver, GDU11 Bronze

ATTENTION: BBTA Class Schedule For Thanksgiving Weekend


Thursday Nov. 22 :: No class

Friday Nov. 23 :: No class

Saturday Nov. 24 :: No class

Sunday Nov. 25 :: No class


Thursday Nov. 22 :: No class

Friday Nov. 23 :: No class


Sunday Nov. 25 :: Beginner/Intermediate classes open only


Players who are not playing in the tournament can opt to take make-ups for classes missed from Friday – Sunday.  There are no make-ups eligible for Thursday classes.


BBTA Food Drive Results

We generated $1220.00 from our BBTA Food Drive!  All of the proceeds will be used directly for our Junior Nationals Coaching Expenses this July 2012.  Our heartfelt thanks goes to the following:

Wai Ling Eng and McDonalds

Hilary and Larrisa Lai

Cadmus and Euginia Yeo

Sophia and Emerson Chao

Anthony and Alison Chu

Mason and Eric Jiang

Annie and Kerry Xu

Dean Tan

Sarah and Lisa Chang

Christopher Wong

Isabelle and Marc Rusli

Richard Chen

Hoi Ki and Nga Pui Leung


If we missed anyone, please let us know immediately.


The pictures were taken during our 2012 BBTA Junior Super Regional Tournament.  You may obtain copies of pictures by following this link below.

We honor you as true athletes.  We feel your agony.  We rejoice your triumphs.  You are giants in you own right.  We hope that you continue to amaze us.

Please note that these are not all of the pictures that were taken.  These are only highlights.  There are many more.  So, if you wish to obtain copies of your pictures, do drop me an email at


Congratulations, BBTA!

Quiet after the storm

The 2012 Junior Super Regional Tournament was a great success!  Here are results (thank you, Coach Chandra):

1st place: 7 
2nd place: 11
3rd place: 4
4th place: 9 

U9 wd : final : gabby/gracia: 2nd
U9 mx: semi : kaitlyn wang: 4th
U9 gs : semi: gabby: 4th

U11 ms: final: Matthias, 1st
Semi : Trevor, 4th
U11 ws: semi: Maggie Li, 4th
U11 mx: final: Derek/Maggie: 2nd
Semi: Trevor/Karina: 3rd

U11 md: final: Derek/justin wang: 2nd
Semi: Matthias/Trevor: 3rd
U11 wd: final: Maggie/Sasha, 1st

U13 ws: final: Cindy yuan, 1st
U13 bd: final: Eric/ joey, 2nd
semi: emerson/ Calvin: 4th
U13 wd: final: Cindy/michelle, 2nd

U15 bs: semi: Cadmus, 4th
U15 gs: Final: Annie: 1st
final: Xerry: 2nd
U15 bd: final: Cadmus/andrew, 2nd
final: Anthony/Mason, 1st
semi: Eric/Richard, 3rd
U15 xd: semi: Richard/Xerry:2nd
U15 gd: Final: Annie/Xerry: 1st

U17 bs; final: Albert Li, 2nd
U17 gs: semi: Jenny Lu, 4thth
U17 bd: final: Albert Li/Raymond Shia: 2nd
semi: Eric Cheung/ Calvin DaI: 4th
U17 gd: semi: Nga pui/ Euginia Yeo: 4th

U19 xd: final: Derek Chao/Danae long: 2nd
semi: Tim Yue/ Lisa Chang: 3rd
U19 gd: final: Danae/Lisa: 1st

There are 2082 pictures for me to process and only a few will be printed and posted.  So, please be patient.  If you want a copy of a picture in its original size/resolution, please email your request to