Our Mission

Bay Badminton Training Academy existed today because there was no organized place to properly learn the beautiful sport of badminton in Northern California before 2008.  Instruction was scarce and expensive and there were no dedicated courts for badminton play.  Thus, the owners of Bay Badminton Center decided to create a school dedicated to teaching the sport of badminton.  We took in young girls and boys who were not able to hold a racket properly and guided these same kids into top youth tournament players in the span of two years.  We saw wonderful transformations in these same children during this time period.  All of them are glowingly healthy, well-balanced, happy and confident young beings who understand the importance of being a team player.  It would be wonderful if we could give any child who is interested in learning badminton a chance to learn badminton properly.  Bay Badminton Training Academy is established to accomplish this goal.


The mission of Bay Badminton Training Academy is dedicated in part to expanding youth sport opportunities in Northern California and to enhance the public’s understanding of the role of sports in society.   And to addressing the health and social needs of underprivileged children through participation in a fun and competitive sport.  The focus of Bay Badminton Training Academy is to reinforce life skills such as healthy living, sportsmanship, team building, confidence and focus through youth badminton programs.


BBTA has established one of the first schools for badminton through which we teach the sport of badminton to everyone regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, religious belief or nationality.  Bay Badminton Training Academy strives to enrich the lives of these youth and their families by promoting healthy living, community-based outreach programs, youth sports enrichment programs, and social awareness issues directly affecting our community.  We have recently worked with other community conscious organizations such as the bone-marrow donors’ organization.  Our main goal is to teach young people how to live a healthy, active and well-balanced life through learning the complicated and beautiful game of badminton.